Best WordPress Hosting for Summer 2022

Make up one’s mind about the right WordPress hosting provider for your WordPress website is very important. After all, your site’s health and security will rely on it.

Just how do you choose the right WordPress hosting for your site? There are so many to pick from Bluehost, SiteGround, GoDaddy… etc.

You could go through each provider and do your own tests. Or you can save yourself the hassle and find the top providers here.

In this article, we’ll take a deep look at the top 7 WordPress hosting providers for Summer 2022, a list we’ve narrowed down from over 50 various hosting services we’ve tested.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about each hosting service to assist you make an informed judgment.

Let’s start, shall we.



Bluehost is a beginner-friendly WordPress host that provides everything you need to get started with WordPress, including a free domain name and automated installation.



While DreamHost isn’t the most impressive WordPress hosting solution, they offer competitively priced hosting packages with great features and concrete performance.



In addition to great customer support and transparency, SiteGround’s superior feature is the quality of their service. If you want a managed WordPress host with lightning-fast speed and unfailing uptime, SiteGround is for you.



Hostinger provides small businesses with a mixture of services and products, from low-cost web hosting to high-quality cloud hosting.



The best appeal of GoDaddy hosting is the great value you get at competitively low prices. But if site performance and customer support are all-important, you may want to choose another host.

Liquid Web


If you want WordPress web hosting that’s fast, consistent, secure, and has great customer support, you can’t do much better than LiquidWeb. And they’re particularly good for Ecommerce sites. But be prepared to spend a lot of money.

A2 Hosting


A2 is a good option if you want to switch to a more resource and feature-rich platform with managed hosting. A2 is, therefore, best for providing free migrations. They offer top-rated support at low pricing. It includes Ecommerce integration’s, Cloudflare free CDN compatibility, hack defense and Virus scanning.

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