How We Work

Dessky offers two types of digital services:

  1. Fixed Price Services
  2. Monthly Maintenance Services

Fixed Price Services

  1. Contact us for a Quote to find out how much Dessky Hours are needed.
  2. Buy Dessky Hours.
  3. Go to Dessky Lab and communicate with our team until you are satisfied with the results.
  4. Job Done!

Monthly Maintenance Services

  1. Contact us for a Quote.
  2. You approve the Quote and we send you a link where you can make the 50% upfront payment.
  3. Buy Dessky Maintenance Service.
  4. Go to Dessky Lab, create tasks and communicate with our team until you are satisfied with the results.
  5. At the end of a month we will send you a payment link with a timesheet report in excel file with the number of hours spent for every task.
  6. Make final 50% payment.
  7. Monthly Maintenance Done!
  8. New monthly maintenance cycle is started automatically but this time without the upfront payment.


What is Dessky Lab?

Dessky Lab is the project management web application that we use for the Fixed Price Services and Monthly Maintenance Services. In Dessky Lab you can create new tasks, upload materials for the websites, communicate with our team.

What are Dessky Hours?

Dessky Hours are used for ordering fixed price services like web programming, wordpress customizations, plugin development. Cost of one Dessky Hour is $50 and number of Dessky Hours necessary for the task is determined by our team. 1 Dessky Hour is the minimum amount that can be ordered.

What are Dessky Maintenance Services?

Dessky Maintenance Services are the Monthly Maintenance Services for the customers websites and web applications. Minimum price for the Dessky Maintenance Services is $200 (4h of maintenance) but prices could vary based on the customers needs and requirements that Dessky Team previously agreed on in their quote.

How the monthly timesheet report looks like?

Example of the monthly timesheet report could be downloaded from this link.

Can I communicate with Dessky Team from my mobile device?

Off-course, you can access Dessky Lab by using the iPhone and Android app that are available for free in the Apple and Google Play stores. You will find more details on Dessky Lab page once you purchase Dessky Hours or Maintenance Services.

Are there any fixed monthly charges in the Dessky Maintenance Services?

Absolutely not, you are only charged for the time that we spent on your tasks and that are listed in the monthly timesheet report that we send to your email.

What is your Refund Policy on the Fixed Price and Monthly Maintenance Services?

Due to the nature of our work, refunds would not be allowed if the task or project has already been started.

In what time zone are you guys working from?

We are located in Belgrade/Europe, that is Central European Time zone ( UTC/GMT +1 hour ) and we are available for direct communication from 9 AM to 7 PM every business day.

Do you work on weekends?

We do not work on weekends, sorry.

Does your quote include weekends?

Days in our quotes does not include weekends, only business days are included.