Product Filter for WooCommerce


Product Filter For WooCommerce is the WordPress Plugin that adds filters to WooCommerce products. You can create filters based on your expectation and customers’ needs, for Taxonomy, Review, Price, Onsale/Instock product, Name, and Metadata. With various options of Filters the plugin provides, customers can search for products they’re in need of, with just a few steps. Users can design how to show filters on the frontend with Customize settings, choose a place to display filters by using shortcode or adding rules, and make the Filter look friendly and handy to use for customers.

Users can decide to show WooCommerce product filters in the modal window or not. If you disable this feature, the filters appear on the sidebar of the widget. If enabled, users can customize the modal appearance to match their anticipation, with various available customizing options.

The admin can create different WooCommerce product filters for different searching purposes, based on customers’ needs. Each product filter has its own design options and can be edited. Users can create different versions with the same filter type.

Create menus to show WooCommerce product filters, add as many filters as you want, and set rules to determine which area to show them. For example, you can set one rule to display the first menu on Shop Page and make the second menu display with just a particular category or tag. So when customers come to the Shop page, the first menu will appear, and when they choose that particular category/tag, the second menu appears. The 2 menus can contain the same Filters.

We provided a shortcode when you create a Filter Menu. This shortcode helps you display that Filter Menu in the position you decide to match your needs. You just need to copy the shortcode and paste it into the ideal spot.