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BuddyPress Analytics is a WordPress plugin for tracking users visits across the website including the BuddyPress Groups area.

This plugin will show administrators which users are most active in the BuddyPress Community. Plugin also comes with a Search Analytics and Time Spent results for each user.

BuddyPress Analytics has a free Lite version that you can install on your website to make sure that is working on your platform.

Lite version could be downloaded here:

Download Lite

If you are fully satisfied with the plugin you can purchase Full version for only $29.

Lite version features:

  1. List of BuddyPress users with empty BuddyPress profiles
  2. Site-Wide Analytics – overall visits on all pages

Full version includes:

  1. All Functionalities from a Lite version
  2. Search Analytics that is showing which keywords are most used in a search by users
  3. Users Visits – display number of unique visits for each user
  4. Pages Analytics – visit for each individual page
  5. Groups visits – number of visits for each group
  6. Time spent – time that user spent on a website

With the Premium Plugin you get Support for One Year.

Screenshots of the BuddyPress Analytics Plugin (full/paid version)

Buy Full Version For Just $29

$29 Read More

Refund Policy

Since Dessky is offering non-tangible irrevocable, digital goods we do not generally issue refunds after the purchase is made, which you are responsible for understanding upon registering at our site. You may also try lite plugin version before purchasing.

BuddyPress Analytics - WordPress Plugin
BuddyPress Analytics WordPress Plugin will show administrators which users are most active in the BuddyPress Community.
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