Dessky Cache – Lightweight Caching Plugin for WordPress


These days WordPress has really become a way of life for lots of people and speeding it up could make all the difference. So today we’re going to present our Dessky Cache plugin, which focuses on boosting your WordPress performance easy and in a lightweight fashion.

Read this first!

Dessky Cache is a tiny plugin meant for small blogs and business sites. If you are having a huge ecommerce or community site then stop reading further, Dessky Cache plugin is not for you, instead you will be better with some of the bigger players like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache . If you are looking for caching solution for your small business site or a blog that sits on a shared hosting than Dessky Cache plugin is right tool for the job!


What is a Dessky Cache plugin?

Dessky Cache is a free lightweight and simple plugin for WordPress site caching. There are no million tabs of options you need to configure and it could be up and running a minutes. This plugin is developed around the ability to simply install it and start caching.

Best of all, because it is lightweight and comes with only few options, it will take minimum server resources. This means that it will work fast on any modest shared host out there.

How it’s working?

Dessky Cache focuses mainly on disk caching. It will take your pages create static HTML documents from them and stores those on your server’s drive. This is a lot faster than the usual default WordPress installation because it averts the core, plugins, and database procedures. And all this happens automatically, you don’t have to do anything.

It’s features include:

  • Minification of HTML and Javascript (basically this only removes blank space from a code)
  • Automated and manually option to empty cache from WordPress dashboard
  • Viewable size of cache in dashboard

The other distinguishing feature of Dessky Cache plugin is that it focuses on the new HTTP/2 protocol. To take benefit of HTTP/2 you have to be running over HTTPS. Basically this protocol speeds up TLS connections. Most caching plugins will offer features to combine documents, called concatenation. The Dessky Cache doesn’t offer this because with the new HTTP/2 protocol this could actually damage your performance. So this plugin is looking towards the future and ditching these old optimization tricks.

How to install it?

Step 1

The first thing you should do is to download and install the free Dessky Cache plugin. You can download it from the repository or search for it within your WordPress dashboard. Search for “Dessky Cache” and it should be the first one on the list. Then click on “Install Now” and activate it afterwards.

Step 2

Then click into the plugin by going to “Settings” and then “Dessky Cache” in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 3

As a last step, you merely need to configure your own settings. You can actually only install it and start using it if you want, no additional steps required.

Check if it’s working

Once you’ve set up the Dessky Cache plugin you may want to determine whether it’s actually working. You may easily do this by right clicking on view page source in your browser. Scroll to the bottom and you may see that it adds a comment in your HTML code with a timestamp. In addition, please keep in mind that plugin doesn’t cache in case you’re logged into your WordPress dashboard, therefore do this test in a new browser or open incognito window. As an alternative you can also do a standard speed test by Google or Pingdom.


With all that said, Dessky Cache plugin is a good solution to drastically speed up small WordPress sites with only few steps. This plugin is so lightweight that it will work perfectly on sites that are hosted on shared hosting accounts with limited resources and it’s by far one of the easiest plugins to configure. Caching shouldn’t be complicated and that is what Dessky Cache plugin is all about.

I hope you’ve enjoyed in this presentation. Let us know what you think below in the comments.

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