How to recover WordPress admin password using phpMyAdmin

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This method is one of the most popular recovery methods!

First you need to have phpMyAdmin installed.

Most hosting providers provide this software and can be found under cPanel.

If you’re running WAMP, then phpMyAdmin is available under “localhost/phpmyadmin”.

  • Once you’re inside phpMyAdmin, click on the database which is used by your WordPress site.
  • You should find a table entry called “wp-users”. That’s the table whose entry we want to edit. Click on it.
  • The admin user is usually at the top with ID = 1. Select that row and click on the yellow pencil or on “Edit”.
  • Look for the row named “user_pass” (usually the 3rd or 4th one).
  • In that row, under the “Function” column, select MD5.
  • Under the “Value” column, enter your new password. In our tutorial, we’re setting it to “mynewpassword”.
  • To save the changes, click on Go.
  • This updates the password of the admin user to “mynewpassword”.
  • You should now be able to login to your WordPress dashboard!


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    i need to recover my password to access my website. how to recover

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