Migrate your WordPress database with Single Click


Finally there is an essential time-saving tool for WordPress developers.

WP Migrate DB Pro eliminates the manual work of migrating a WP database. Copy your db from one WP install to another with ONE CLICK from your dashboard. It is especially handy for syncing a local development database with a live site.

How to keep a WordPress database in sync between live and local?

WP Migrate DB Pro plugin can do it right from one admin screen to another by POSTing secure requests of SQL data bit by bit until they are in sync.

Does it handle Database Exports?

In just a couple of clicks you can save an SQL file of your database to your computer. No need to login to your web hosting control panel or phpMyAdmin.

Can I Migrate the Tables One by One?

WP Migrate DB Pro gives you control over which database tables are migrated. Have a huge stats table you’d rather not migrate? Deselect it. Easy.

Have a huge database?

No problem. WP Migrate DB Pro is tested with a migration of tables with over 100MB of data. When you start a migration, plugin detects the limitations of your servers and intelligently calculate how much data can be transferred and imported at a time without overwhelming your servers.

How about Security?

All requests are sent over SSL to protect your data from prying eyes. WP Migrate DB Pro also sign and verify every request with a private key (HMAC encryption) to ensure the request is coming from a trusted source.

Intelligently Detects Server Limitations

WP Migrate DB Pro analyses both the remote and local environments to detect limitations and optimize performance. For example, it detects MySQL’s max_allowed_packet_size setting and adjust how much SQL plugin execute at a time. Not only does this avoid failure, but allows us to increase performance.

Plugin developer Deliciousbrains offers three licenses:

  • Personal – $19
  • Business – $49
  • Developer – $99

These prices could be lowered further by 25% with the following coupon code: csstricks .

You can purchase WP Migrate DB Pro here!

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