Appointment Scheduling App For Your Business

Appointment Scheduling App For Your Business

Appointment Scheduling App is a highly customizable web application that allows customers to book appointments with you via a smooth web interface. Furthermore, it gives you the power to sync your data with Google Calendar so you can use them with other services. Appointment Scheduling App will run smoothly with your existing website as it can be installed on our high performance servers as a managed service or a stand alone on your own server.


The application is designed to be flexible enough so that it can handle any enterprise work flow.

  • Customers and appointments management.
  • Services and providers organization.
  • Working plan and booking rules.
  • Google Calendar synchronization.
  • Email notifications system.
  • Managed installation.

Appointment and Customer Management

Manage all your appointments with flexible calendar displays and layouts. Handle all the customer information and their booking history more easily than ever.

Services and Service Providers

Set up your services and the employees/teams/sections which will serve the customers. Each service is completely configurable and every provider has his own schedule.

Business Workflow and Booking Rules

Configure the system at your own will, apply the business hours and breaks and let customers book, modify or cancel appointments within specific time periods.

Google Calendar Sync

Synchronize your events with Google Calendar and share them with other applications. Providers and secretaries will be able to schedules their data as well.

Email Notifications

Get email notifications for any change on the schedule including bookings, modifications and cancellations. Customers are also informed in time for changes in their appointments.

Managed Installation

Install Appointment Scheduling App on our own high performance servers and save your precious time for growing your business and customers expirence. Let us handle email setup, security and all other boring tech stuff.

Stand Alone Installation

For those who prefer more fredom and privacy you can install your own copy on your server and use the source code and database information in any way you want.

Multiple Attendants

Enable mutli-attendant slots and handle groups of customers at certain times. No worries, Appointment Scheduling App can do that too!

Responsive Design

Launch the app from your mobile phone and handle all the UIs flawlessly in any viewport size.

Organize your business! Save human resources that can be used in other tasks more efficiently.

Made with simplicity in mind Appointment Scheduling App feels immediately familiar, with the right actions placed in the right positions you will only have to concentrate on your work.

Appointment Scheduling App is very flexible and versatile and can be customized to serve custom use cases and external system integrations.

Let an expert take care of the installation of Appointment Scheduling App for your business.

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