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What is BuddyPress Chat?

BuddyPress Chat is a WordPress plugin that gives your users ability for a private chat between each other.

Where BuddyPress Chat can be used?

It can be used on:

  • Any WordPress website
  • BuddyPress
  • BuddyBoss Platform

Why should I use BuddyPress Chat instead of iFlyChat, Tidio or TawkTo plugins?

There are two main reasons why this plugin might be better solution for you.

  1. First is that BuddyPress Chat does not require account on any 3rd party service. With the right server setup it can be faster then other solutions simply because there are no any remote 3rd party API calls which can be slow sometimes, depending on service location and its load. With our plugin you do not need to worry about that.
  2. Second big plus is that all users data remains on your server, therefore privacy of your users is fully protected. You are in full control over their data and you are in compliance with GDPR.

What are the downsides?

Downside is that you are responsible for your server performance and database optimization. This plugin will put some load on your database so you should be ready to do more frequent database optimization tasks.

Luckily our team could help you with that in case you get stuck and your database becomes slow over time. This off-course applies to any WordPress website, it is just that you will have to make this more frequently then usual.

If you get stuck you can always

on our Public Support Forum.

BuddyPress Chat features include:

  • AJAX powered realtime chat
  • Custom Colors
  • File Uploading
  • Emojis
  • Message sound notification

Chat with any logged-in user

BuddyPress Chat gives you freedom to chat with any logged-in user. Only logged-in users are capable of doing chat between each other.

It is truly helpful for any internal system where users needs to interact with each other.

Quick installation

  • Plugin itself does not require any setup.
  • Just install it and activate like any other plugin and you are good to go.

The way this plugin works is simple

A typical chat widget sits on the bottom right side of your WordPress website. Your website members can choose to chat with you, or you can actively engage them with the message.


Emojis and Colors

This plugin has emoji support that works similar to Facebook chat. On the settings page you can also customize chat box colors to match your brand.


Increase user engagement

BuddyPress Chat will help you in increasing user engagement of your WordPress site by enabling users to chat with each other privately (one to one private conversation), group chat or in chat rooms.

Still not sure if this plugin is right for you?

We have a Free Lite version of the plugin that you may try before purchasing a premium one.

To get it you will have to register a free account on our website.

Lite plugin shares same core code base as a premium one, only differences are:

  • No Custom Colors
  • You can Chat only with your Friends
  • No File Attachments
  • No Emojis
  • No Advanced Options
  • Lite plugin has a trial period of 1 week before it stops working.

Download Free Lite plugin version


With the plugin purchase you get Support for 6 Months.

This product is published under the Single Use License.

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