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How to speed up WordPress site with BuddyPress and bbPress

June 2, 2023 in Blog


In the previous article we have found out that BuddyPress and bbPress took a hefty performance toll on the backend of your website. This is how we fixed it.

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How does BuddyPress and bbPress affect WordPress performance?

June 2, 2023 in Blog


How much will BuddyPress and bbPress affect performance of your WordPress site? We have conducted some quick tests on the website with 1k users.

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BuddyPress Chat

June 2, 2022 in Plugins


BuddyPress Chat is a WordPress plugin that gives your users ability for a private chat between each other. No 3rd party services involved.

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Get group details from group_id – BuddyPress Snippet

June 20, 2013 in Code Snippets

This is a very simple thing to do but it often takes a lots of time to find. Here is how to get group details if you have a group id.

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BuddyPress 1.7 Released with Theme Compatibility

April 12, 2013 in Blog


New BuddyPress 1.7 is finally here with the exciting new Theme Compatibility feature! In the past you may have paid a lot of bucks to get your WordPress theme compatible with BuddyPress. Even with the help of the BP Template Pack, you had to be able to manipulate the markup and CSS of your theme […]

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