Are you looking for the File Sharing Wordpress Plugin? Try FastUpload!

Share any number of files fast and easy with the Fast Upload Plugin for Wordpress!

With this plugin you can create your own DropBox service from a simple Wordpress site!

It allows you to upload files using HTML5, Gears, Silverlight, Flash, BrowserPlus or normal forms, providing some unique features such as upload progress, multifile upload and shortlinks.

It can be very easily implemented into every page or post with a simple shortcode: [fastupload].

Features Include

  1. Drag & Drop upload
  2. Multi file upload on all browsers
  3. ShortCode Links
  4. Upload progress information on html5 browsers
  5. Admin panel
  6. Report panel of uploaded files
  7. Easy form integration on any Page or Post
  8. Flash and Silverlight Support
  9. Supports IE 9+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, Chrome 4+
  10. Upload files by chunk, for more performance

You can try it on our Demo Page

Plugin Documentation with Screenshots is available on this page.

Download Here