WordPress to Static Site Conversion

By now you know that by going static you will get:

  • Astronomic speed gains
  • Boost your site’s performance in search engines
  • Get rid of your hosting bill
  • Staggeringly improve your security

All these simply by migrating your WordPress site to a static one!

You also know that with WordPress there is an immense problem of Scalability and Performance.

You will notice it as you start putting content on your site more often, over time, it will become painfully sluggish.

Alright, then what are The Benefits of Going Static?

There is impressive acceleration that you will get from turning your dynamic WordPress site into a static one. But that is not all.

You will also have a gain from:

  • Reduced page load speed. Pages are not preprocessed at runtime (user’s request), and content is not pulled from the database. As a result, the web server will respond a lot faster (10x and even more).
  • Reduced latency through CDN’s. You can just drop these now-static pages on a distributed content delivery network (CDN), hugely improving response times all around the world.
  • Easier management. Once you have set your workflow you will see that you actually will not need to spend anytime on maintenance, WP upgrades or server updates.
  • Staggeringly improved security. HTTPS out of the box with only static pages that aren’t being run by some old PHP version or an outdated WordPress.
  • Better SEO. Google values not only your content but how easy and secure the access to it is. This is, in fact, one of the few search engine optimizations still valid these days: a faster, more secure site will perform better on the search engine results page.
  • Peace of mind. No need to upgrade PHP, no unpatched WP concerns, even no Linux servers being managed. Just deploy and forget.

Migrating WordPress with Static Site Generator (SSG)

Technology that we use to regenerate your new static site from WordPress is called Static Site Generator (SSG) .

There are three major ones and our team has a huge experience with them:

  • Hugo
  • Gatsby.js
  • Jekyll

Now that you know the benefits of going static and SSG’s you are ready to begin migration.

Hold on, it is not that easy. As much as we wanted this process to be dead simple, there are many things that could make it a little more cumbersome and time-consuming, such as the existing plugins you may have installed (the fewer the easier) and the way in which you have formatted your posts (the simpler the better).

Luckily our team of experts is here to do this task for you.

Contact Our Team right now for the consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from you.