We have tested top WooCommerce booking plugins and here is what we found


We have made benchmark tests on a WooCommerce website with 10k products and 1k of customers. You can find out more on this page about this particular website here. This is what we will be using as a starting point for our test. For the sake of simplicity here are the starting results for a quick compare:




In this particular test we will look into performance for Bookly, Events Manager, Booking Calendar.



Bookly is a free scheduling plugin for WordPress that allows accepting website bookings and automating the reservation system.

On PageSpeed Insights performance score for mobile devices went down to 90 and to 98 for desktops.



Pingdom grade was not affected.


Admin area was just a little slower but still decently fast to work with on a day-to-day basis. There were no ads or nags injected there.

Events Manager


Events Manager is a full-featured event registration plugin for WordPress based on the principles of flexibility, reliability and powerful features!

This plugin pull down our PageSpeed Insights performance score to 84 for mobiles and 98 for desktops.



Pingdom grade was not affected.


Admin area was fast and without any lags. There were no ads or nags injected.

Working in the admin on a day to day basis was fast.

Booking Calendar


Booking Calendar provides an easy to use booking system for displaying calendar availability, receive bookings from your visitors, and manage bookings through a modern and clean booking admin panel.

Booking Calendar pull down PageSpeed Insights performance score to 88 for mobile devices and 98 for desktops.



Pingdom grade was not affected.


Admin was the slowest after activating this plugin. It feels cumbersome and it is noticeable slower. There are injected ads for a pro plugin version.

That’s it folks. Those are our tests for the top 3 booking plugins for WordPress.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail please post your thoughts on our open discussion platform. We would like to hear your thoughts there.

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